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Contact Information: 410-883-2276

Current Display: Now - The Shops at Magnolia Grove/ 410 Race Street/ Cambridge, MD (go to for more info); May 2015/ Heron Point/ Chestertown, MD; July & August 2015/ Huntington Community Center Gallery/ Bowie, MD

Linda Roy Walls is an Eastern Shore of Maryland photographer specializing in subjects on canvas and metal featuring natural life and light. Linda focuses on weather, wildlife, and water and admits an added fascination for photographing local people, especially those who “live in the moment and look like it.” Her desire for chronicaling local wildlife, landscapes and people is greatest on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where Linda's roots are deeply planted. Linda was born in Talbot County, Maryland and grew up on the Eastern Shore like many of her ancestors. An important aspect of Linda’s visual art form is the back story that typically accompanies each photo.

Linda developed her early interest in photography while serving as editor and photographer for her high school and college newspapers in the 70’s. Later she majored in photojournalism at the University of Maryland, but then switched her study concentration to psychology when she attended Washington College in Chestertown.

Linda has exhibited at Maryland venues to include the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, Heron Point in Chestertown, RiverArts in Chestertown, the Members Best Show in Centreville, and more recently at Joie de Vivre Gallery (now "The Shops at Magnolia Grove) in Cambridge, MD. Linda was a featured artist at the Dorchester Center for the Arts Gallery Show for the months of October 2009, August 2011, and June 2013. Selected images on canvas are now on display at The Shops at Magnolia Grove in Cambridge, MD.

Linda was selected in both 2009 and 2010 as one of the few, among hundreds of photographers entered, to be awarded recognition for her photography in the 2009 Maryland Magazine Photo Contest sponsored by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Linda was also selected as one of the 2010 and 2011 finalists in the Adkins Arboretum Annual Art Show. In the October/November 2010 issue of Lava Magazine (The Ironman Triathlon), one of Linda's Choptank River photos was used in a full-page Eagle Man ad. Then - On January 3, 2011, Linda's photo titled "Ahead of the Pack" was selected as the photo of the day on Smithsonian Magazine's website. Linda was selected as an exhibitor for the prestigious Waterfowl Festival of Easton, Maryland in November 2011. In September 2012 Linda was honored to learn that her photo titled "Foot Warmer" was chosen for the cover of the Tidewater Times magazine. In February of 2014, Linda participated in the Dorchester Center for the Arts Members' Art Show and her single entry titled "Shutter Release" earned the People's Choice award. In the same month, Linda learned that the National Wildlife Federation chose one of her osprey photos titled "If Looks Could Kill" as a featured image in their blog about Sea Hawks, corresponding to the Superbowl and the Seattle Seahawks team.

Linda has completed five photo art books since 2010. "Riding Waves and Herding Cats" is a collection of 35 years of photos Linda took of her sister's immediate family. "The Content Canines" is a photo story book featuring four golden retrievers living near Centreville, MD. "Ode to Ed" is a 200 page book honoring the amazing life of Linda's father, an accomplished bluegrass musician, who passed away from leukemia in September of 2011. "It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding" features 200 pages of photos from her niece, Lindsay's wedding in August 2012 and "Mika Got Married" features 200 pages of photos from another niece's wedding in October of 2012. Linda is working on several new books including a collection of photo essays called "Mill Pond Moments," a photo log of her month-long stay in County Clare, Ireland, and a portrait project featuring 100 humble Eastern Shore citizens over the age of 70 titled "Honoring Our Elders."

Linda may be contacted directly via email at She encourages those who view her photographs to leave comments.